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Every person is unique and has his/her own requirements. Also in terms of keyholding and maintenance of your valuable home.

New Key Holding Package Only €6.25 per month                                                                 On Call Package



We manage the keys to your property without the obligation of a monthly or weekly visit, but you can call us in case of emergencies and/or unforeseen circumstances.

Under normal circumstances we can be on site within 1 hour of your call.

For example, after a severe storm
Electrical / alarm / water system faults
Or simply if you want to make sure your property is as it should be.

The cost of this service:

Key management per year:   € 75,-

Home visits on request:        € 38.50 each time

Upon request, we will send you a detailed report with photos via Whatsapp or email.

If we need to be on site for more than 60 minutes, we will charge an hourly rate of €22.50 per hour.

Additional options at extra cost:

Additional storm control
Collecting and forwarding mail
Watering plants
Damage assessment
Pest control
Grocery shopping
Performing minor repairs
Maintenance of your garden
Presence during work
Car service

Furthermore, we can take care of welcoming guests to whom you temporarily rent your property. We welcome your tenants warmly and show them around your home and its surroundings. In addition, we are available to your tenants 24/7 in case of emergencies.

We speak English, Dutch, German, Spanish and a little French.

Of course, we can also take care of the complete cleaning, including bed linen, etc.

Here is an indication of our cleaning prices:

1 bedroom apartment € 65,-

2 bedroom apartment € 80,-

3 bedroom apartment € 95,-

3 bedroom villa € 110,-

Larger properties from € 135,-


The price for bath and bed linen is € 12,50 per person

These prices are guide prices based on 1 bathroom. After a visit by us, a price will be agreed accoording to the number of bathrooms, toilets, caracter and size of your property.


Here are some of our definitions:

  • Keyholding: Managing and securely storing your house keys in an approved key safe. Your keys are kept by code, the keys cannot be traced to an address. The same goes for the alarm code.
  • Inspection round: everything around the house is checked for any defects or damage
  • Inspection of locks and alarm: Locks are checked for any breakage damage, and if required, the alarm can be tested for proper functionality.
  • Operation of roller shutters and blinds: roller shutters are tested for operation, as are blinds.
  • Water (leakage) and electricity check: Visual check of water damage, and proper operation of interior and exterior lighting (if any)
  • Flushing of sinks and toilets: All sinks, sinks, (outside) taps and toilets are flushed for at least 5 minutes against legionella bacteria.
  • Ventilate house: Upon entry, all windows and doors are opened opposite each other by the time we are present.
  • Extra check in case of storm: If there has been a storm, we do an extra check if everything is still in one piece, and check for any damage, this is then reported and whether any extra action is required.
  • Postal collection: Collection of mail from the (external) letterbox, placed on the table
  • Collecting mail and forwarding: Collecting mail from the (outside) mailbox, and it is forwarded at the applicable rates to any address.
  • Watering plants: If you have plants or other planting, these will be watered on request during our visit. This applies to both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Damage assessment: A report is drawn up for any damage and communicated to the customer for any further action(s).
  • Pool check: Visually checking the pool, and if required, turning on the filter system while we are present in the house.
  • Pest control: If pests are detected, we will report them; if there is an infestation, a professional company can be hired at the owner’s request.
  • Shopping service: We can provide a stocked fridge. For you or your possible hosts.
  • Presence during works: If work needs to be done to your home or garden, we can be present during these works.
  • Car service: If you have a car parked in your car park, we can start it for you each time we visit, to recharge the battery. If the car is placed near a socket, we can recharge with the trickle charger during our presence, if necessary.

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