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Welcome to our website and to the interest shown. 

We are Peti Melis and Roger Versteeg. Both born in the Netherlands in the turbulent 1970’s. 

After almost half a century of life experience, we settled in the Valencian province in late 2021. In the coastal town of Oliva to be precise. From here we have been looking to start our own business for a long time. Our dream was to start a nice little camper village to make a living. 

The plan and ideas were there but realizing such a dream is an entirely different story. Due to the Spanish bureaucracy and the lack of a lot of (savings) money, we have had to put this plan on a ‘back burner’ for the time being. 

We have travelled a lot in our lives and worked in a lot of different sectors. We have both been active in the hotel and catering industry for several years and I (Roger) have, among other things, had my own bar/restaurant and catering business in the Netherlands, have been a kitchen designer/salesman, worked in the care sector, construction, cleaning and for a while as a gardener. 

Peti has worked in sales and cleaning in addition to a great deal of catering experience and has devoted herself to making television programs for many years and is a qualified masseuse. 

As you can see, we are an entrepreneurial couple which does not shy away from any challenge. 

Wanting to stay based in Spain, we decided, after advice from others, to start our own keyholding company. 

We are a fun but serious and caring couple, reliable and happy to do our best to make someone else comfortable. 

Our motto is: Nothing must, everything is allowed/can be done. 

In hindsight, the idea of starting Keyholding is a perfect choice for us. We like to be busy, take responsibility, deal with people and prefer not to work all day in the same place. 

If you are interested in one or more of our services, please contact us. We will gladly visit you, still without any obligation, to discuss all possibilities and wishes with you. 

Kind regards, 

Peti & Roger 

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